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ENGINEERING UPDATE with release date of Mar 3/16

Blog page created Feb 22/16

There are 17 goals with this update!

THERE ARE TIMED COMPONENTS (INDIVIDUAL GOALS) IN THIS UPDATE. Please review all goal screenshots below on this page for more information

  • Ensure you update wishlist with newest free gift item (Whistle) as soon as you can. You may want to make that the only item on your wishlist as we will be requiring lots of these (see build stages & recipes).
  • Plant plenty of corn, grapes & catch lots of fish & big fish for exchanges in Tom's Hut
  • Review all goal screenshots! See which goals ACTIVATE a timer on the next goal when completed. You may want to hold off completing one goal if it activates another goal if you are not prepared.
  • Continental Locomotive.... This sounds very familiar, a lot like the use of the CLIPPER which is required to travel to a different territory. The message associated message with LOCOMOTIVE is "....Great! The locomotive is ready! ... Soon we'll be able to visit far lands!" To build the continental locomotive, you will need to craft 1 of each item in the Town Station: Driver Wheel, Steam Generator, Machinist's Cab 
  • Ensure you are familiar with Tom's Hut (River Territory) & get ready to do exchanges over there for mauls, wooden piles, rivets & other items). See link for Tom's Hut further below on this page.
  • Players will need huntsmen in order to craft recipes from both Carriage-Building Shop & Town Station. Recipes in Town Station require 3 (three huntsmen) & recipes take 2 hours to craft. If you have a BILLY & WILLY tent, a good idea would be to move them over to Town & use them in conjunction with another huntsmen tent or 2!!
  • DO NOT FORGET ABOUT YOUR COLLECTIONS! Players can turn collections in for needed recipe items! This update, ideally you can use:
  • Inventor's Collection for GEARS
  • Railway Collection for WOODEN PILES
  • Fisherman's Collection for BAIT & HOOKS which are needed to catch Fish & Big Fish for Tom's Hut exchanges.

BUILD INFORMATION at a glance - see photos below for more detail, recipes & screenshots. 
Earlier in this blog, I had a quick text draft of items needed, there were errors to the types & amounts of some of those items. So, to those of you who copied the text portions & shared it around instead of sharing my blog link, some of you are potentially crafting un-needed items (using the active blog link will always ensure you have current info). TO VIEW RECIPES, PLEASE CLICK ON ASSOCIATED PHOTOS TO MANUFACTURING STRUCTURES!!! 

Stage 1: 2 planks, 2 hammers, 3 rivets
Stage 2: 2 plywood, 1 steel beam, 1 maul
Stage 3: 1 nails, 2 sheet metal, 1 wooden piles

Stage 1: 5 rivets, 4 brick, 2 tiles
Stage 2: 2 mauls, 10 cobalt ore, 8 redwood
Stage 3: 2 hard boards, 2 hard alloy, 2 faience
Carriage-Building Shop recipes: Forcer, Chimney, Framework, Tender

Stage 1: 2 hammers, 6 rivets, 5 bricks
Stage 2: 4 wooden piles, 4 tile, 2 pickaxe
Stage 3: 3 maul, 2 hard alloy, 3 sheet metal
Town Station recipes: Driver Wheel, Steam Generator, Machinist's Cab

Players will be using the Trading Post to exchange white gold for trump saws, sulfur & white clay. Stock up on white silver

Players will need the use of the Academy & will need gears, retorts and scales. Reach milestone markers in Academy to earn special chest prizes & eventually unlock needed 'permits' or whatever they are called such as Scheme of Driver Wheels, Scheme of Steam Generator & Scheme of Machinist's Cab

Scheme of Driver Wheels
 - unlocks Driver Wheels recipe crafted in Town Sttion

Scheme of Steam Generator
- unlocks Steam Generator recipe crafted in Town Station

Scheme of Machinist's Cab
- unlocks Machinist's Cab crafted in Town Station



Players will need TOM’S HOUSE! See for recipes.  Start planting corn, grapes, get fishing!

Get your choo-choo on as you build 4 new structures: a Town Bridge, Town Station, Rail Car Plant * Continental Locomotive (sorry we do not have build stage info for locomotive!). The bridge, station & plant each consists of 3 build stages. The Town Station & Rail Car Plant will then contain recipes to craft.


This is a rather large plant to place but there is ONE spot you can place this plant without using extra energy to clear land. 

TOWN STATION (The Town Bridge needs to be constructed first in order to access Town Station!!)

This will need to be constructed first in order for you to access the Town Station. Once built, this unlocks new area, including Town Station.  There are NO recipes associated with the Town Bridge.

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