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PORT Update released Oct 15/15

The Port quest update released October 15, 2015 is Chapter 2 to the Coast update previously released September 30, 2015. Click here to view COAST update & information  PLAYERS MUST COMPLETE COAST quests first in order to proceed with Port Quests.

Completing Port quests will unlock the 'key' (Clipper) to a new territory which will be available for access to players in a future game update.  For anyone who has not yet completed the Coast quests but interested in accessing the new Archaeological Island territory when it is patched into the game, the Coast quests will need to be done first so you can do the Port quests to obtain 'key' for new territory.

Players will be travelling to the Coast territory to complete associated tasks, building a ship called Clipper, building a Port, fulfilling orders, trapping seafood and various other fishy adventures!


***IMPORTANT ACTION NEEDED players need to make stone blocks at this location as part of a goal requirement, YOU WILL NEED TO PLACE A HUNTSMEN TENT at this location as this recipe requires 2 huntsmen!!! The recipe only takes 30 minutes to process, so a tent upgraded to at least the first level (1 hr & 20 minutes) will be just fine! OR YOU CAN ALWAYS put Willy & Billy's tent into storage from where ever it currently is at, move over to the Coast, then take Willy & Billy's tent out of storage and place there (will use your coins)

Upon loading our frontier in Cloudy Lands, players will notice the Coast territory icon, which when clicked, will display an introductory goal for Port update called Another Fishing Trip. This goal requires players to immediately travel to the Coast to complete a couple of tasks.  Upon entering the Coast, players will commence working on 3 quest lines which will be waiting: Another Fishing Trip, Work At The Coast & Abandoned Ship (see lower half section of this page to view quest text & screen shots!!!)

There are 3 new recipes added to the Houseboat: Shell, Shark & Sea Trap 
Click here to view HOUSEBOAT info & recipes
There are 3 new recipes added to Harry's Hut: Ship Frame, Sail & Mast Click here to view HARRY'S HUT info & recipes
There is 1 new recipe added to the Smithy: Anchor Click here for Smithy info & recipes

The Port structure produces GOLD NUGGETS! This is an 'exchange' area whereby you trade in items for gold nuggets. Place your order and after a timed waiting period, your nuggets will be delivered. Here are build stages for the Port

The Clipper is a ship. Players will notice a new territory on our maps called "ARCHEOLOGICAL ISLAND". This Island can only be access by players who have fully built the Clipper. These players will then have access to this territory in a future update. *Once the Clipper is built, it remain a full sitting feature (there will be no opportunity to build a second one).
Here are the build stages for the Clipper

(top area is text information, bottom area will include goal screenshots)
 QUEST LINE 1 ☆ANOTHER FISHING TRIP completion of this goal will generate 1 goal: Great Catch

  Great Catch 
completion of this goal will generate 1 goal: Don't Forget To Sell

     ✦Don't Forget to Sell completion of this goal will end Quest Line 1


 QUEST LINE 2 ☆WORK AT THE COAST completion of this goal will generate 3 goals: Port is Ready, Clipper & Parts of the Ship

  Port is Ready completion of this goal will generate 1 goal: Sea Trade

     ✦Sea Trade completion of this goal will end series

  Clipper completion of this goal will generate 1 goal: It's all about Neighbors

     ✦It's All About Neighbors completion of this goal will end series

TIP: You will be required to send out drafts (from free gifts area) to friends. Only send to those  with this item on their wishlist, otherwise your gift sending will not register/count towards the goal.
TIP: To 'Help Friends on Field', you must first use your 5 regular free helps, receive the visiting reward, then use your extra visits 

  Parts of the Ship completion of this goal will end series

TIP: You will be required to use the Smithy to collect an Anchor which takes 1 hr 30 min to craft. If reading this prior to starting any part of this entire goal update & you do not have a Smithy at the Coast & you are still at Cloudy Lands, start producing an anchor now so it will be ready that much sooner. This way will not need to travel from the Coast back to Cloudy Lands to make a Smithy, then back to the Coast, thus saving you some food.


 QUEST LINE 3 ☆ABANDONED SHIP completion of this goal will generate 1 goal: Hard Work
TIP: If you already have 2 cables & 15 pinewood in warehouse, these will automatically count towards goal

  Hard Work completion of this goal will Quest Line 3



This is the end of Quest Line 1



This is the end of Quest Line 2



This is the end of Quest Line  3

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