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TOWN Feb 2016

TOWN (Part 1) - page posted Feb 11/15
Update release date Feb 25/16

THERE ARE 2 TIMED COMPONENTS (INDIVIDUAL GOALS) TO THIS UPDATE. Please review goal screenshots further below on this blog page for more information

Dear friends Build your unique, picturesque town in our updates! In this update:- Create your own unique city and get valuable bonuses with him! - To extract new resources! - Share White gold materials! - Get ready for the trip, and exciting adventure!

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A new territory is available for players. WELCOME TO THE 'TOWN'. It will cost 20 food to travel :) 

Here is what your Town will look like once the first 9 structures are completely built. DON'T FORGET to come back to Town & claim on structures!

IMPORTANT! All structures will need to have stage 1 built first, then you can complete stage 1 for Town Hall. Next, all structures will need to have stage 2 built before you can complete stage 2 for Town Hall, Same process for Stage 3 

BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER...STOP! Please read the following information/blurb!!!.....  
BLURB: Some players will find this update rather challenging. Many facets of the game will be incorporated into this update & if players are new to the game,have not completed certain territory goals or do not have certain processing structures & resources, this update will indeed prove to be difficult.  WHEN THE UPDATE does become available, it is not timed. HOWEVER, completion of a certain goal within this update will produce a timer.  I strongly recommend blog viewers review the following information & recipes first, see what one will need & then determine if this is a goal you can let sit until you are ready to tackle it. Again, this is not a 'timed' event but does have a timed aspect to it.  

The following screenshot (courtesy of info compiled by Lori Guerndt & John Carter) is an approximate breakdown of some crafted items needed. Reminder that the developers can change goal requirements & recipes any time. This is only an estimate breakdown showing what to expect. Should the developers change things up when this update comes to Facebook & players have crafted in advance, remember that eventually the items will be needed somewhere & sometime in this game, so it is not a total bust if changes occur 

Again, the info in the following picture is an APPROXIMATE of items needed, as well, it is up to players to review the recipes included on this page to see additional material needed (ie. Planks are needed for powder barrels, but no point in estimating how many due to the variances in amounts players will craft & use. Same thing with White Gold - players will need plenty depending on how many two-handled saws, etc they are crafting, which could be a lot!). Some of the totals of items listed are also what is required to make other items listed - example, horsehair & fur totals verus sturdy rope - if you have a good supply of 90+ sturdy rope already crafted, you do not need an addition 285 of both fur & horeshair

16 Goals in this update 

A 30 day timer activates once you complete the goal called First Building which asks players to finish construction on the Ranch. Ideally, players may want to hold off finishing that particular goal and first ensure they have crafted enough items for most of the other build stages for the other structures BEFORE activating timer. The timer will be attached to goal called Administration is Urgently Needed

A 6 day timer activates once you complete the goal called Administration Can't Wait  (whereplayers need to do is complete stage 2 for all buildings, including Town Hall. Once you complete stage 2 for Town Hall building, a 6-day timer will activate on next goal called Materials Urgently Required

Good news: You don't need to buy any new buildings. 
Bad news: There will be approx 9 of the 11 new buildings/structures to construct which are all already placed at the Town. 
Good news: There will be another 'update' or two - definitely a Part 2 & unsure about Part 3. Part 2 or 3 should include Railway area (Structures J & K).

For the sake of simplifying this blog, I assigned each building/structure with a letter A-K & info for each will have their own link with build stage, recipe & function information. Areas J & K re: railway will be available in another update, so expect to see a 'Part 2' using this new Town Territory!! .



STRUCTURES J & K will be available in a future update

A new item will be added to free gifts: Worker's Gloves

TIPS to prepare in advance before starting:

  • Update wishlist with drafts. Start collecting those ASAP. When this update comes out, players will need to obtain a new free gift (Worker's Gloves).
  • UNLIKE other structures we are asked to build, the ones in Town can not be fully built one at a time. Building all to stage 1 will be required first before players can proceed with the building of stages 2, same with stage 3.
  • Players will require the use of SMALL MINE OF GOLD DIGGERS which is situated at the Valley territory (will be asked to make white gold)  Click here for info & recipes - Small Mine of Gold-Diggers
  • STRUCTURES FROM 'THE WILD' update will be required in order to produce ponies & bison for their horsehair & fur to make sturdy rope
  • Players will need the LABORATORY, POTTERY, SAWMILL, FOUNDRY & even MELTING POTS.  REVIEW ALL RECIPES & BUILD STRUCTURES CLOSELY, craft what you can ahead of time!!
  • When this update is released, craft PLENTY of trump saws & powder barrels as these are used to saw trees & mine cobalt ore needed for the building of structures already placed at the Town
  • Take time to review all build stages & recipes. Crafting available items ahead of time will allow you extra time to craft newly introduced items when the update is released. There is plenty you can begin crafting BEFORE the update arrives! Now go and bust a move!
  • For goals asking players to craft specific items such as hard boards, windows, etc., please be aware that any you craft ahead of time before you receive the goal WILL NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE GOAL. You have to make 'new' items when you receive the goal. 
  • The use of URGENT ORDERS might come in handy for some of us impatient players crafting items that take over 1 hour LOL...perhaps stocking up on Urgent Orders will settle some of us down. Urgent Orders reduces crafting time by 30 minutes per item.




REDWOOD is obtained by sawing SEQUOIA TREES. Players will need trump saws to cut these trees

Powder Barrel is used on deposits to produce Cobalt Ore. To use these, you need to place DIRECTLY ON DEPOSIT, & when deposit highlights, you are good to blow it up!

NEW RECIPES (these DO NOT include any new recipes from the new structures introduced with this update (ie, Smeltery, Chapel, etc)

White Gold made in MINE (as well as Small Mine of Gold Diggers @ Valley Territory)

Cobalt Ore made in MINE (can be obtained by using powder barrels on cobalt ore deposits @ Town territory)

Powder Barrel made in LABORATORY 

Ware made in POTTERY

Faience made in POTTERY

Hard Alloy made in FOUNDRY

Power Drill made in FOUNDRY

Hard Board made in SAWMILL

Window made in SAWMLL


In this particular update, it is best to follow the goal questlines. Using the "Help" feature inside each goal & even clicking on a structure will guide you forward.  Players will be constructing buildings as programmed in sequence set up in this update & not in the path we ourselves wish to build them .
UNLIKE other structures we are asked to build, the ones in Town can not be fully built one at a time. Building all to stage 1 first will be required before players can proceed with the building of stages 2, same with stage 3. 

TIMED GOAL ALERT! Once you complete "First Building" (fully constructing Ranch), a 29-day timer will activate on next goal called "Administration is Urgently Needed"


Once you complete this goal, CHECK YOUR WAREHOUSE for the ACCOUNTANT HELPER!  These are the rewards!!


TIMED GOAL ALERT! To complete Administration Can't Wait goal, all players need to do is complete stage 2 for all buildings, including Town Hall. Once you complete stage 2 for Town Hall building, a 6-day timer will activate on next goal called "Materials Urgently Required"


This goal APPEARS to be the same as the timed one called "Materials Urgently Required". They are NOT the same, the amounts needed to be crafted differ

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